Location: 154 Larmer St, Narrandera


Thomas Fennell, an Airds Irishman fresh from the Bendigo gold diggings, took over the Gillenbah punt and store in 1858.  

In June 1860 Fennell advised that he had recently built a two storey hotel equal to any in Wagga.   This was the Turf Club, by 1865 called the Hit or Miss and by 1866 the Riverine.

The building was used as a court room for Narrandera’s first court case in 1862.   It was also used for the inquest into the deaths of the Pohlmann Bros who were murdered at the Cudgell Sandhills in 1868.   The inquest was conducted by T.A. Brown of Bundidgerie Station who later wrote Robbery Under Arms under the name Rolf Boldrewood.

The building was also used when the Australian Stock Bank opened for business in 1875.  The same year Archdeacon Powell held the first Anglican Church services in the Hit or Miss Hotel.  

After the building ceased to function as a hotel it became a boarding house.

The present owners have restored the old hotel as a private residence

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