Location: 72 Yapunyah Street
This is a treasure trove full of artefacts and the history of Barellan and the surrounding district. As amateur historians, the Barellan Museum Committee have created memorable displays to take you on a journey that will keep the country spirit alive. For the tennis fans, you may be able to purchase a signed Evonne Goolagong-Cawley tennis ball from the Museum.

Barellan was once a thriving town with four banks, three churches, three land agents, two hotels, two butcher shops, two cafes, two garages, two blacksmith shops, two grocery shops, hospital and doctor, chemist, post office, railway station, fruit shop, sportsground, showground, school and regular sheep sales held every Friday. Visitors today may find this very hard to believe.

A gradual decline in population has been mainly due to larger-sized properties, good roads and better transport, bank closures and lack of community services.  However, the town and its people have managed to keep the country spirit very much alive. The Museum was created to preserve our local history.

The Barellan Museum is open on Tuesday (11am-4pm); Thursday (10am-2pm); Friday and Saturday (11am-4pm). Or to book outside of hours phone Irene on (02) 6963 9445 or Val on (02) 6963 9276.

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